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MINI GROUND ALMOND LEMON LOAF CAKE (Assorted Flavours) ***Less Sweet

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S$ 18.00
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  • Size: L18.5cm  x W8.5cm x H6cm

    Actual toppings may vary depending on availability of fruits

  • Mini Ground Almond Lemon Loaf Cake
  • Flavorful Fusion: Less sweet, tangy fresh lemon juice and zest, and rich ground almond combined for a delightful taste experience. Available in fresh blueberry, dried prune, rum soaked cranberry & mulberry or naked lemon.
  • Perfectly Sized: Enjoy a personal treat with our mini loaf cakes, ideal for individual indulgence. Yields approximately 6-7 slices to share.

  • Moist and Delicious: Each bite offers a moist texture and a harmonious blend of citrusy zing and nutty goodness. Topped with lemon glazing for that extra kick.

  • Snack Time Upgrade: Elevate your snack moments with the irresistible flavors of lemon and almond.

  • Share the Joy: These mini loaf cakes are perfect for sharing the delicious experience with friends and family.

Care Tips:

NO artificial additives or preservatives added

  • Store in a cool, dry place in air tight container to maintain freshness.
  • Consume within 1-2 days for optimal taste.
  • Consider refrigeration for longer shelf life (4-5 days)
  • Share the joy by gifting to loved ones.