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STUFFED CHEESY SMOKED SALMON (salmon, cheese, caramelised onion,baby spinach)

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Stuffed Cheesy Smoked Salmon

Sourdough Focaccia Stuffing:

Star ingredients: Salmon, cheese, caramelised onion, baby spinach and herbs

Extra Umami: Grated parmesan cheese, dill sauce, sea salt and drizzle of extra virgin oil over the baked focaccia for a fragrant finish

*Generously brushed with high quality extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with fresh thyme, rosemary and dried Italian herbs on dough before baking

Size             Approx Serving Portions

Petite            8-10 slices (28cm x 18cm)

Small           15-18 slices (33cm x 23cm)

Large           24-28 slices (40cm x 33cm)